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By: Sharon Wagner of seniorfriendly.info  

It’s truly unfortunate that as even as the coronavirus pandemic descended upon the world, putting innumerable medical practitioners in danger as they fought—and continue to fight—the virus on the frontlines, many of their peers and colleagues have lost their jobs at the same time.

In fact, as the virus peaked in some areas in April 2020, it was also reported that 1.4 million jobs in healthcare were lost. At the same time, hospitals are reportedly losing revenue, which contributes heavily to these job losses.

If you’re a healthcare worker finding yourself in such a terrible situation, no doubt, you’re very fearful of what this pandemic has brought to the table. But for the time being, it’s likely your priority is to stay afloat until we get to the better days ahead of us. Here are some helpful tips.


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Get out of your comfort zone.

As a healthcare worker, you likely have a very specific skill set. For this reason, you may feel like you have very few options outside of the job that you’ve lost because of the pandemic. However, you’ll be surprised to know that there are other opportunities out there—perhaps not specific to what you know and love, but still within the realm of your capabilities. It’s important, therefore, to keep an open mind and consider venturing out of your comfort zone while you’re in between jobs.

Now, when you work in healthcare, no doubt, you’re used to more physical interaction. With that said, there’s definitely nothing more out-of-the-box than working remotely. This is a highly feasible option in this day and age, as there are plenty of opportunities that span a wide range of skill sets and talents. Indeed, it’s relatively easy to find remote work opportunities and operate in the comforts of your own home as a writer, teacher, personal trainer, etc.—maybe even in niches related to your field to give you an edge.

Go remote.

And while still on the subject of remote work, it can be argued that this is, by and large, the best way to work in the age of social distancing. But the fact is, long before the pandemic, many have already been working remotely and online, so it can be an easy-enough transition for most as the infrastructure is already there.

Getting started is also a simple enough matter of setting up a profile on freelancing websites. These sites connect freelancers from various industries such as marketing, development, administrative support, and many more with those that require their services. So for example, if you lost your job as an administrator in a dentist’s or physician’s office, you can explore administrative, virtual assistant, or consulting jobs and create a compelling profile that’s geared toward these functions. If you need to rework your resume to enhance your prospects, visit Get Landed for professional and stylish resume templates that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Once you find freelance work, you may start to enjoy the flexibility working from home offers. If you’re going to freelance full-time, consider creating an LLC for your freelancing business. This entity protects your assets in case of litigation, and there’s less paperwork and simplified tax filing. Instead of hiring an attorney, you can affordably register your LLC through a formation service like Zenbusiness, Inc.

Give available assistance a shot.

There are plenty of relief funds available that are worth exploring. Many of these come from the private sector, as well as various industry groups and nonprofits, so you might need to do a bit of due diligence in this regard. However, many of these grants can help you make ends meet even beyond the pandemic, so it definitely can’t hurt to check your eligibility.

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only been scary, but also incredibly disruptive, especially financially. If you’re one of the many who has lost their livelihood at this time, it may even feel like rock bottom. But as they say, there’s no other way to go but up when you’re down.

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September 23, 2021