The Secret to Productivity is Easier Than You Think

How to be Insanely Productive

Humans are all the same - we can be lazy, lack motivation, and are hardwired to take the easy route (which usually means chillin' on the couch rather than working out, or doing whatever else it is that you really need to be doing).  

I am no different, yet I left my job to build a very profitable business, while pregnant and with a toddler, and this is the ONLY trick that has ever worked for me:

Put your body into motion before your brain has time to make excuses.

This means you literally do not think about it - you JUST GET UP AND GO DO IT. 

Once you have an idea of what you need to do (work out, update your resume, clean, finish a work project), and you have the time to do it, start moving your body towards starting the project (put on your workout shoes, go to your computer, get the cleaning supplies out). 

Once you've conquered those impossible 2 seconds to get up and actually start the project, YOU ARE GOOD.  

The biggest hurdle to overcome when trying to accomplish something, no matter how small, is just the simple act of starting. 

Because as you know, our brains will make every excuse in the book NOT to do something.  But, once you start, you WILL keep going, because a body in motion stays in motion, and a body at rest stays at rest.  

You won't back out once you've already started, because it's harder for your brain to make excuses to STOP doing the project once you've begun.

So try it now. 

Pick something easy: go get your laundry, wipe the counter, send that email, do a quick home workout. 

Once you think of what you need to do:


- Move your body and go do it.  

It is NOT negotiable.  Once you know what you have to do, you do it.  

The trick is to avoid consulting your excuse-laden brain.  Because 99% of the time, YOUR BRAIN WILL TALK YOU OUT OF IT.  Your body knows what to do, no need to think about it and risk letting your brain decide otherwise.

That's it, folks!  Free, easy, and once you start accomplishing small tasks using this method, you'll be blown away how much you can get done in a day and it will just become an easy habit.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you conquered today, big or small. =)

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