how to leave your job, start working harder at work

Why you need to start CRUSHING it at work NOW (even if you hate your job)

You know what's hard?  Writing a GOOD resume when you just aren't that great of an employee.

Know what else is hard?  Dreading going to work because you hate your job so much.

Let's change that, shall we?

March 10, 2019
get resume past ATS, beat the ATS

Two Secrets to a Successful Resume (to Get Past the ATS and Impress the Hiring Team)

I’m going to let you in on TWO little secrets that will drastically improve your resume, ensure it gets past the ATS, and make writing a lot easier: #1. YOUR RESUME IS NOT ABOUT YOU. Sure, it includes your accomplishments, education, and credentials, but your resume isn’t for YOU.
February 07, 2019