Let's face it: the majority of us hate our jobs.

Hating your job, the company, or your boss makes it impossible to be happy during those 8+ hours a day.  And that unhappiness seeps into our lives back at home, leaving us dreading Mondays and living only for the weekends.

Not to mention, hating your job goes hand in hand with being a mediocre employee: you aren't motivated and don't care enough to put in any extra effort.

Being a poor employee works to YOUR detriment, because as a result, your resume probably sucks.  And if your resume sucks, it will be that much harder to find a job you actually enjoy.

If you don't do anything spectacularly, or have many work-related accomplishments, your resume is probably just a copy/paste of your exact job description.  

That just doesn't cut it anymore.

So let's be selfish and step it up at work in order to improve our resume, and most importantly, our happiness.  

*These are the exact steps I took to get myself out of a work funk, create a MUCH better resume, and be happier at work at a VERY monotonous, stressful pharmacy technician job.  That resume got me a ton of responses, even without applying to a single job.

Do you ever have days when you're excited to complete a project, or you're under the gun to get something finished? 

Those days fly by, and when you leave you feel accomplished, satisfied, and dare I say maybe a little happy.

One easy way to start enjoying work is to make a game out of it. 

Set a goal each day: see if you can crush it.  

Write down what you did, every single day when you get home.  After a few days, weeks, months, you'll have some good accomplishments to put on that resume.

Work in retail? 

  • Make it a game to see how many sales you can make in one day.  See if you can beat yesterday's numbers.  You might just find you'll be on your way to becoming the top retail salesperson at your store for the entire month.  Pretty impressive accomplishment right there.
  • Ensure that every customer you come into contact with leaves with a positive experience.  Put THAT on your resume.
  • Reorganize the stockroom, return old inventory, make sure the bestselling or most profitable items are placed front and center to increase profit.  See if your changes make a difference, estimate the results, put that on your resume.

Work a boring desk job? 

  • See how fast you can complete your daily tasks everyday, and then once you get in your superstar productivity rhythm, ask your boss for MORE work, or another project.  Then you can put something like, "Succeeded in completing daily tasks in half the time allotted each day, enabling me to assist my boss with a large project which we finished 2 weeks early."  Add any results of the project, if applicable.  Or, "Finished daily tasks 50% faster than coworkers with 98% accuracy."

Have a project coming up? 

  • Prepare and work like crazy to CRUSH IT and get it done in half the time, even if you have to work at it from home after work.  Put THAT on your resume.

Every day when you get home, jot down what you accomplished, and what the result was. 

Pretty soon, your resume will write itself, and it will be pretty darn good, too.

And, you'll have the confidence to start looking for a new job, because you'll know that you're a killer employee.  Oh, and you'll probably get an incredible reference from your current boss, too.  

Some days you'll still be unmotivated, that's ok - don't give up on yourself.

Because other days you'll be psyched to go into work and crush it, even without 3 coffees to get you through. 

With this one little change, you might even start LIKING your current job and decide to stay.

Either way, your resume will be 100x better, you'll feel in control of your career (and life), and will be on your way to a better job, or more money, a promotion, and most importantly, more contentment and happiness.

If you need some tips on how to turn your new accomplishments into quantifiable achievements to put on your resume, the "Guide to Landing the Job" that comes free with every resume template purchase will help you immensely!  

So what are you waiting for?  Be selfish.  Start crushing it.  You can't afford to waste another day being miserable at work.


- Liisa

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why you should work harder even if you hate your job

February 01, 2022