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*NEW! The Olivia Professional CV Template, Modern Resume Template with Photo - for Word & Pages*

Resume templates are becoming more popular, so a creative resume template alone won't land you the job... but an awesome design PLUS excellent content will.

You can slap your old content into a cheap resume template, but that doesn't get you very far anymore. =(

That's why I had to create these resume makeover packages, complete with my popular Resume Writing Guide & Checklist. Aside from a professionally designed resume template, you get a ton of actionable, easy tips to create a killer resume, and I will fill you in on how to make sure your resume gets seen by a REAL person to TRIPLE your chances of landing an interview. It is NOT hard to create an amazing resume, I promise!

You can update your resume TONIGHT, be more confident in your job search, and join thousands of my customers who have gotten promotions, raises, and amazing new jobs with my help (all for the cost of a day's lunch!). One of my reviewers praised that it is "..the single best professional investment I have ever made."

And if you need me, I am here to help! Yes, a real person with hiring and resume writing experience.



- COMPATIBLE WITH Word & Pages, Mac & PC
- INSTANT DOWNLOAD: update your resume tonight!
- COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE: use for any profession, change all text, headings, colors, fonts, add/delete sections
- ATS-CONSCIOUS: I am constantly updating these resume templates to be easier to pass through online application systems, and my customers have had huge successes beating thousands of applicants with my templates as a result
- PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED for ease of reading with ample white space
- and finally, I AM HERE TO HELP YOU! Do not hesitate to email me with resume/career questions, or for a formatting cleanup when your resume is complete.  Email me at


• 1, 2, and 3 Page Resume Templates (because as your experience grows, so will your resume)
• References Template
• Cover Letter Template (can also use as a Thank You letter)
• Microsoft Word (.docx) AND Mac Pages (.pages) files
• US Letter & A4 sized files
• Detailed Instructions & FAQ file
• Free fonts
• 80+ Piece re-colorable Social/Resume Icon Set: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Website, etc.
• My 50+ page "Guide to Landing the Job" - includes insider tips & tricks to help give you the best possible chance of getting your resume seen AND chosen in today’s tough job market.
• Additional Checklist to make sure you've got it all covered
• Fast and friendly customer service with no expiration date =)

(Templates are do-it-yourself. You will simply type your resume info over my "dummy" text.)


***** "REALLY IMPRESSIVE COMPANY! What a wonderful product! Not only were the templates helpful, but the resume writing guide was extremely beneficial. I could not be more satisfied with a resume package!"

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• A personal computer (work/public computers, tablets and phones cannot install fonts)
• PC: Microsoft Word
• MAC: Pages or Microsoft Word
--> Pages is FREE on the App Store
--> Word free trial:

• NOT COMPATIBLE with OpenOffice, Google Docs, or anything other than the desktop version of Microsoft Word or Pages



• Upon purchase, instantly download the file via the link in your email or on the order checkout page
• Double-click the file to UNZIP it (or download WinZip for free at
• Open the Instructions file for directions on installing the free fonts
• Edit and customize the template by typing or pasting over my "dummy" text
• Save as a PDF FILE to upload to job postings



Email me for help with:

• Formatting cleanup: After your resume is complete, email it to me for a formatting alignment/cleanup to ensure your resume is perfect before you send it out!
• Inserting icons, adding/deleting sections or pages, moving things around.
• Saving as a "borderless" PDF file when your resume is complete.
• Questions related to your resume content, job search, career advice, etc. - ask me about anything you may be worried about!



In today's job market, it's harder than EVER to get your resume seen by a real person - sadly, most applicants apply to dozens of jobs online without hearing back from ANY of them!

That's because MOST applicants: 1) prepare their resumes incorrectly and 2) don't know the tricks to getting their resume into the hands of a real person.

Using my experience and expertise in the field, my goal is to change that. I spend a lot of time perfecting my resume designs, but I spend even MORE time on the tips & tricks included in the "Guide to Landing the Job" that comes with your purchase. YOU can create a great resume and get it seen so you can land the job - you just need to know how! And if you need any help along the way, I'm just an email away.

***** "It cannot be overstated how incredible this entire package is - it is absolutely worth purchasing. The template itself is clearly great - but it is also extremely easy to edit to fit your exact specifications. The best part of the package is Liisa's prompt, positive, and knowledgeable help. After I finished editing my resume, Liisa looked it over and made some finishing touches. Could not recommend this product or Liisa more."

***** "This is so worth getting! Contains so much more than just the formatted template. It has so much helpful information to help you know what to highlight in each position. Thank you so much!"

***** "This template was easy to use with amazing results! I sent it to several potential employers, and had call backs within a day for 4 places! They each commented on how nice/professional/aesthetically pleasing it was!"


© Landed Design Solutions, LLC. All of my designs and content are for personal use only and may not be copied, resold or redistributed under any circumstances. If you purchase my items and then re-sell them as your own, I do take notice and you will be penalized.

• A personal computer (work/public computers, tablets and phones cannot install fonts).
• PC: Microsoft Word 
• MAC: Pages or Microsoft Word 
--> Pages is FREE on the App Store
--> Word free trial:
• NOT COMPATIBLE with OpenOffice, Google Docs, or anything other than the real desktop version of Microsoft Word or Pages


Email me for help with: 
• Formatting cleanup: After your resume is complete, email it to me for a formatting alignment/cleanup to ensure your resume is perfect before you send it out!
• Inserting icons, adding/deleting sections or pages, moving things around.
• Saving as a "borderless" PDF file when your resume is complete.
• Questions related to your resume content, job search, career advice, etc. - although I am not currently doing any resume writing, ask me about anything you may be worried about!

Email me at any time at

Liisa Maloney

Owner, Designer, Resume Writer 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.  Can I change the headings/sections? Yes!  EVERY single item in this template can be changed. Therefore, you can make any heading say whatever you need it to.  You can also add, move and delete sections. Because of this, you can use ANY template for ANY profession.

2.  Can I change the colors? Yes! Colors can be changed on any item - headings, titles, sections, lines, graphic elements, icons, etc!

3.  When do I get my template?  Resume templates are Instant Downloads and you will be able to work on your resume immediately.  As soon as you purchase a template, you will get an email with a link to download your template.

4.  How does this work? 
- Download your file from the email you will receive as soon as your payment is processed.
- DOUBLE-CLICK the file in order to "unzip" it. Save to your desktop or somewhere you will remember. File will extract into numerous folders & files labelled STEP 1 - 4.  If your computer doesn't have WinZip or you don’t want to download it for free at, I can send you the files individually.
- Read the Instructions file first - it has ALL the answers. 
- Install the fonts (directions are in Instructions file).
- Open Word or Pages (Word/Pages must be re-started for fonts to load). Microsoft Word or Mac Pages are required to use templates, as stated in the listings. NOT GoogleDocs, not OpenOffice, not anything else! Templates are just too complicated for those programs.
- Type your resume text over my "dummy" text.
- When your resume is complete, you must upload/email your resume in PDF format, NOT Word or Pages format. Follow the directions in Instructions file to save as a "borderless" PDF file.

5.  What do I need to edit the template?  You need either Microsoft Word or Mac Pages (GoogleDocs, OpenOffice, etc. are NOT compatible with templates) and a personal computer (or a work computer that will let you install fonts).  You will need some sort of "unzipping" software on your computer such as WinZip (which is FREE at and a PDF reader to view the instructions and resume writing guide (most computers have PDF readers already installed, but you can also download a great one for free here:

6.  Will the fonts look the same on my computer?  Yes!  All resume templates come with links to download the free fonts used in each template.

7.  How do I make sure my resume looks the same on every computer when uploading/emailing it?  Resumes must be uploaded/emailed in PDF format to ensure the end user sees exactly what you see. Directions are included in the Instructions file on how to save your resume as a borderless PDF file.

8.  My template files won't open.  What do I do?  If you have Mac Pages '09 or an old version of Word (2008 or earlier), your files might not open, look a little jumbled or have things missing (like some icons).  If this is the case, shoot me an email and include your version of Word/Pages and I will send you older, more compatible files.  

9.  My computer says the files are corrupt. If your computer says the template files are CORRUPT, try to re-download the file and unzip it again.  If this still doesn't work, no worries!  Just email me and I'll send them to you individually.  To expedite this, let me know if you need the Mac Pages or the Microsoft Word files.

10.  I need to add a page to my resume.  No problem!  Just email it to me at and I can quickly do this for you.  

11.  I've made a mess of my resume playing around with it too much.  How do I fix all the formatting? There is a tutorial in the Instructions file on how to move the text boxes around in order to put everything back in place.  And I also offer a FREE resume cleanup service with purchase - just email your resume to me at, and I will clean up all the formatting for you! Everything you send me is completely confidential and my email and client files are deleted weekly.


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