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ATS Friendly Resume Template for Word, Pages & Open Office | The Stone

$ 10

ATS Friendly Resume Template for Word, Pages and Open Office: "The Stone"

While my other templates should be uploaded to job postings in PDF format, this resume template is ATS friendly even in Word format.  



- Full width design and no text boxes or tables used - just type and edit like you would any normal Word document
- No additional font downloads - uses common system fonts
- Add as many pages as you need to! Just continue typing and it will automatically take you to the next page while maintaining the name header on each page
- Compatible with Microsoft Word, Mac Pages and OpenOffice
- Edit all headings, content, add or delete sections
- Instant Download - get started ASAP!


-> Each purchase includes a Get Landed™ Guide to Landing the Job: 50+ pages packed with my most crucial tips and tricks to help you create the best possible resume, and a quick rundown Checklist to ensure you've got it all covered!



- A 2 Page Resume Template - Only need 1 page? Just delete page 2! Need 3+ pages? Just keep typing and the pages will continue on automatically
- References Template
- Cover Letter Template (can also be used as a Thank You letter)
- Files compatible with Microsoft Word, Mac Pages and Open Office
- US Letter & A4 sizes
- Detailed Instructions file
- My Get Landed™ Guide to Landing the Job & Bonus Checklist
- Fast and friendly customer service for any help you may need =)

* Templates are do-it-yourself. You will simply type your resume content over my "dummy" text =)



Literally everything!
- All headings
- Body text
- Colors
- Fonts, font size + font color
- Add or delete sections
- The number of resume pages



1. A computer, tablet or phone with Word, Pages or OpenOffice
2. The desire to create a unique, kick-a** resume



1. ATS compatible in Word format since it does not use text boxes or tables
2. Easily add/remove pages
3. Basic format = lower price



1. Purchase this listing

2. Download the file from the link in your email

3. Open the template and start typing! Just replace my "dummy" text with your resume content - just remember to hit SAVE so you don't lose your work!

4. Upload your new resume in Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF (.pdf) format to job postings with the confidence that you'll stand out from the rest!



Some of my favorite feedback:

***** "REALLY IMPRESSIVE COMPANY! What a wonderful product! Not only were the templates helpful, but the resume writing guide was extremely beneficial. Liisa personally assisted with my resume and advised me on persuasive language when discussing my career change. I could not be more satisfied with a resume package!"

***** "This is so worth getting! I totally redid my resume with it yesterday. Contains so much more than just the formatted template. It has so much helpful information and suggestions and questions to help you know what to highlight in each position. Thank you so much!"

***** "This template was easy to use with amazing results! I sent it to several potential employers, and had call backs within a day for 4 places! They each commented on how nice/professional/aesthetically pleasing it was!"


© Landed Design Solutions, LLC. All of my designs and content are for personal use only and may not be copied, resold or redistributed under any circumstances. 

** You can also purchase directly from our shop on Etsy!

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