How a $15 Resume Template Changed My Career (and My Life!)

For YEARS I was miserable, hated my job, and dreaded going into work.  I was stressed and cranky all. the. time.

One night I decided I’d had enough, bought a $15 resume template that looked pretty (of course the text was impossible to read), plopped my info into it and started applying to jobs online. 


After a few weeks of this I felt completely useless and unwanted.

But then I realized my content probably needed to be updated too - a pretty design wasn’t enough. 

So I started researching like crazy, sorting through all the outdated junk on the internet, finding the most reliable sources on the topic and comparing their advice to others and to what I knew to be true, having sorted through a few too many terrible resumes myself in my career.

I finally got the answers I needed, knew exactly what I needed to do to my own resume to stand out, and rewrote my resume content.  I created a new resume design from scratch, professional and modern yet easy to read and scan. 

I posted the finished product on the most popular job board at the time, and my hopes were NOT high. 

Modern resume template plus resume writing guide

Before I even got around to applying to any jobs, companies started reaching out to ME.  Emails, messages, phone calls.  

Huh?!  But I didn’t apply to any jobs... I just put my resume out there, and the jobs came my way.  This was a new, weird feeling - like I was in control of my own destiny simply by putting in some extra effort to brand myself as an achiever, someone who could provide extra value for a company.

(And I STILL get calls every once in a while, 4 years later, from that old, outdated resume I haven't taken down.) 

Looking back at it now, the resume I put up there wasn't the greatest in terms of content.  But it was enough to stand out from the sea of boring, duty-focused resumes. 

Employers really just want someone who goes above and beyond their normal job responsibilities.  I did that in my career and I knew how to emphasize it.

I ended up ignoring every one of those offers (what a waste, I know!), because I realized I could help others in my position, unsure of what advice to listen to and not confident in their own abilities.  

So I studied to become a resume writer instead, helping my clients gain the confidence to go out and land new jobs on their own, and most of all, be happier at work (which translates into being happier at home, too).  

Long story short, eventually I realized I could help a lot more people by showing them how to create a great resume on their own, rather than doing it for them. 

MOST applicants prepare their resumes incorrectly because they aren't equipped with the proper knowledge, tips, and tricks to showcase their true talent, and I was determined to change that.

So I took that resume template that had gotten me so many calls, filled it with some tips I had learned along the way instead of junk filler text, opened a shop on Etsy, and it sold within an hour. 

The rest is history and I’m proud to say that I’ve helped thousands of people land better jobs (just check out my reviews).

Thousands more people than I could have ever helped as a resume writer. 

All with just a $15 resume template and free guide.

My modern resume designs will get you noticed immediately, but excellent resume content and a job search strategy to match is what will land you the job. 

Which is why I couldn't just throw up a cheap template, get a lot more sales, and call it a day. 

A pretty design is not enough.  I want you to actually succeed.

Right now, ANY one of you could be more confident, make more money, and be happier in your career.

Or you can stay in a job you hate for another day, week, month, or as I did, for YEARS.

Taking action was the single biggest thing I ever did for myself and my own well-being.  Because guess what?  No one else will do it for you.

So choose a design you love, grab some coffee, read the included guide, and start taking control of your career and happiness.  

It's never too late.

And if you need additional help or motivation, I’m just an email away. =)

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