2-3 Page Resume Formatting Service: 48 hour turnaround for a *2-3 PAGE RESUME*

If you only need a 1 page resume, click here.

Love my resume templates but don't have the time or energy to insert the information yourself?

With this listing, I will take your current, 2-3 page resume and insert it into one of my resume templates of your choice, making any design customizations you'd like!

Choose from one of these resume templates.

Please note, this listing does NOT include any content editing or extensive proofreading, you must send me your FINAL resume. However, if I see any errors, I will obviously fix them and bring it to your attention. It's always good to have a second set of eyes on such an important document!

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1. Add this listing to cart. If you only need a 1 page resume, click here.
Cover letter and references are included in all options so do not count those as pages.

2. When you're ready, email me at getlanded@gmail.com with the link to which resume template from my shop you would like to use, along with your current resume, cover letter (optional), and references (optional). Also include any color preferences/personalizations you'd like, if any.

3. Within 48 hours from the time I receive your resume, I will send you back your resume in the template of your choice.

4. Once you review it, you can respond with any customizations you would like, including design/color changes.

5. Once any changes are finalized and you love the end product, I will send you your files in both PDF and editable Word, Pages or Google Docs formats. You can immediately send the PDF off to the job of your choice, and you will have the editable version to edit later if necessary (although any future changes to your resume are included in this purchase).

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This listing does NOT include resume writing, re-writing or proofreading! You must send me your final resume. Resume writing is a long process which can cost hundreds of dollars. If you need resume writing, please message me and I will refer you to a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

** No physical item will be shipped, this is a digital item.

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- A brand new resume design, cover letter template, and references template, which I will insert your information into.

- Unlimited revisions.

- Any customization you need, including:
- Headings/text
- Colors
- Fonts
- Sections or header titles
- Adding or deleting sections according to your needs

- You will receive a final PDF file as well as all files needed to edit your resume in the future - editable Word (or Pages) files, fonts used, Instructions, Resume Writing Guide, and extra Icons.

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Your first draft will be returned to you within 48 hours. If you need your resume sooner, please do not purchase but message me first for approximate turnaround time for the first draft.

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