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Get Landed's Guide to Landing the Job

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I created this guide for you.  So you can stop frantically searching the internet for resume tips and career advice, unsure of what's new, old, or real.

I've spent years researching, experiencing, and obsessing over all things resume and career, and finally this year decided to compile the best tips and tricks into this 50 page Guide to Landing the Job.

It's a PDF packed with actionable tips, examples, helpful and easy ways to improve your resume, full of insider info that most job seekers do not know.

Little tricks you can implement that can significantly increase your chances of landing the job.  

It has helped thousands of my customers land jobs, and can help you too.

If you're willing to put in some effort, of course!

So put the kids to bed early, stay off social media, save your TV show for another night.  Stay up a little later tonight and work on your career.  So what, you'll be tired tomorrow.  Treat yourself with an extra coffee. =)

You'll feel that giant wave of relief knowing you took the time to finally update your resume - finally take that step towards that job you really want.  

I guarantee you'll have more confidence, because you'll know exactly how to get what you want.  A better job, a promotion, a happier work environment (which translates to a happier life).

And if you read the guide and still have questions, EMAIL ME!  I'm here to help.

This guide comes FREE with every resume template purchase, so if you already purchased a template, you already have it. =)


  • A personal computer (work/public computers, tablets and phones cannot install fonts).
  • PC: Microsoft Word 
  • MAC: Pages or Microsoft Word 
  • --> Pages is FREE on the App Store
  • --> Word free trial:
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with OpenOffice, Google Docs, or anything other than the real desktop version of Microsoft Word or Pages

Really love the templates but don't have Word/Pages?

  • Let me do the dirty work and fill in the template for you! Just email me for pricing =)

Yes, a real human =)

I've created these designs with lots of love, thought, and obsessing over every element, so if you have a problem or a question, please reach out!

TECHNICAL HELP: If your computer isn't cooperating, you need me to move things around for you, or you could use a formatting cleanup when you're all done, email it on over! 

RESUME HELP: If you have any resume or career questions, or there's something you're worried about, ask away! 

    Email me at any time at

    - Liisa Maloney
    Owner, Designer, Resume Writer 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    1.  Can I change the headings/sections? 

    • Yes!  EVERY single item in this template can be changed and you can make any heading say whatever you need it to. You can also add, move and delete sections. Because of this, you can use ANY template for ANY profession.

    2.  Can I change the colors? 

    • Yes! Colors can be changed on any item - headings, titles, sections, lines, graphic elements, icons, etc.

    3.  When do I get my template?  

    • Resume templates are Instant Downloads and you will be able to work on your resume immediately.  As soon as you purchase a template, you will get an email with a link to download your template.

    4.  How does this work? 

    • Download your file from the email you will receive as soon as your payment is processed.
    • DOUBLE-CLICK the file in order to "unzip" it. Save to your desktop or somewhere you will remember. 
    • Read the Instructions file first - it has ALL the answers. 
    • Install the fonts (directions are in Instructions file).
    • Open the template files in Word or Pages (Word/Pages must be re-started for fonts to load). 
    • Type your resume text over my "dummy" text.
    • Save it, and then save again in PDF format to upload to job postings.

    5.  What do I need to edit the template?  

    • Microsoft Word or Mac Pages 
    • A personal computer (most work computers/tablets/phones don't let you install fonts).  

    6.  Will the fonts look the same on my computer? 

    • Yes!  All resume templates come with links to download the free fonts used in each template.

    7.  How do I make sure my resume looks the same on every computer when uploading/emailing it?  

    • Resumes should be uploaded/emailed in PDF format to ensure the end user sees exactly what you see. 

    8.  I need to add a page to my resume.  

    • No problem!  Just email it to me at and I can quickly do this for you.  

    9.  I've made a mess of my resume playing around with it too much.  How do I fix all the formatting? 

    • There is a tutorial in the Instructions file on how to move the text boxes around in order to put everything back in place.  
    • I also offer a FREE resume cleanup service with purchase - just email your resume to me at, and I will clean up all the formatting for you! Everything you send me is completely confidential.

     Any other questions? Email me! I am here to help you, I can't stress that enough. 

    Premium Features

    Created by a Resume Writer

    Professionally designed, ample white space, easy to read, and ATS-Optimized

    Saves you time

    Easy-to-use, perfectly formatted, and 10x better than anything you can create on your own

    Increases your chances

    The bonus resume tips tells you exactly how to stand out so you can confidently start applying to jobs

    Designer & Resume Writer

    As a former resume writer with hiring experience, I am obsessed with resumes and love sharing my knowledge to make your life easier!