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Article: Should I apply to jobs using an Indeed Resume?

Should I apply to jobs using an Indeed Resume?

This is what you should know when applying to jobs with an Indeed resume.

Okay friends.. I cannot believe how many of my clients don't know this, and it could be preventing so many of you from putting your best foot forward.

If you've designed your resume to look presentable in ANY way, or use ANY sort of resume template, no matter how basic, this is for you!

When you sign up or log into, it always asks you to create an "Indeed Resume."

If you create one of these, you'll notice that it's EXTREMELY basic.

You also have the choice to upload the nicely designed PDF version of your real, unique and more modern resume.

Perfect Resume Templates for Google Docs Word and Pages 

BUT, when you go to actually apply to jobs, if it says "Apply using your Indeed resume," it will send the employer that basic, boring version, the Indeed resume, NOT your actual PDF resume!

And most jobs on Indeed accept that basic Indeed resume version, so Indeed applies to MOST jobs with that terrible version.

So, Indeed is applying to MOST jobs for you with the basic, plain text resume, and NOT your nice PDF resume. 

So many of my customers create beautiful, unique resumes using my designs in order to STAND OUT from the competition, only to get lost in the crowd with a basic, boring resume when they apply on Indeed.

So, how do you make sure the employer gets your nice, unique PDF version instead?

Don't create an Indeed resume, at all.

Just apply to each job with the PDF.  And while you're at it, tailor that PDF resume to each job you apply to (learn how in my bonus resume writing guide, included free with each resume template purchase).

resume writing guide get landed

If you're OK with Indeed sending the employer the basic Indeed resume, (and all of your efforts to design your resume will go to waste since that PDF won't get seen), then by all means, do it! 

The Indeed version is basic for a reason - it will most definitely get through any applicant tracking system, no matter how old.  

BUT, you risk not being noticed, not standing out, which is the main purpose of a professionally designed resume template. My templates are all ATS compatible, too! :)

Indeed gives a video explanation here about which resume gets sent to the employer - an Indeed resume or your own, if you need a visual.

The choice is yours, but now you are informed enough to make that decision.

Happy job hunting, and fingers crossed you get landed!



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