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Article: Should I apply to jobs using an Indeed Resume?

Applying to Jobs

Should I apply to jobs using an Indeed Resume?

Business resume template format and examples

If your resume looks nice and professional like this, or you've used any sort of resume template, no matter how basic, keep on reading so you know how to correctly upload your resume to Indeed.

I can't believe how many of my job seeker clients don't know this one mistake, and it could be preventing so many of you from putting your best foot forward and landing an interview.

But the truth is, your efforts to create an excellent first impression might go to waste if you use an Indeed resume instead of your own.

What you should know about applying to jobs with an Indeed resume.

marketing resume template

When you spend your time and energy making your resume look great, you want to make sure the potential employer is seeing the resume you want them to see.

Especially on a popular job site like Indeed, where standing out from the competition is essential.

So when you sign up or log into, it will ask you to create an "Indeed Resume."

If you do create an Indeed resume, you'll notice that it's EXTREMELY basic. There are a few templates on Indeed's online resume builder, but from a design and ATS readability standpoint, they're pretty awful.

And when you choose that Indeed resume, that's what Indeed will upload to every job you apply to. Not your own, professional, unique resume.

All that effort you put in to make your resume stand out, for nothing. Booo. 


Should I use an Indeed resume?

Indeed gives you a choice when uploading your resume and applying to jobs on their site:

  1. You can upload the nicely designed PDF version of your unique and professional resume.
  2. Or, you can upload the Indeed resume to the job posting.


should i convert to indeed resume


When you apply to jobs, if it says "Apply using your Indeed resume," it will upload that basic, boring resume, and NOT the real, professionally designed PDF version of your resume.

Since most jobs accept the Indeed resume, Indeed will apply to MOST jobs with that boring version.

Indeed gives a video explanation here about which resume gets sent to the employer - an Indeed resume or your own, if you need a visual.

So, unbeknownst to many job applicants, Indeed is applying to MOST jobs for you with the basic, plain text resume, and NOT your nice PDF resume. 

Thousands of my customers have created beautiful, unique resumes using my resume templates in order to STAND OUT from the competition, only to get lost in the crowd with a basic resume when they apply on Indeed.

So, how do you make sure the employer gets your nice, unique resume instead?

Don't create an Indeed resume, at all. 

Just upload the PDF version of your nice resume to each job.  And while you're at it, tailor that resume to each type of job you apply to (learn how in my bonus resume writing guide, included free with each resume template purchase).


Resume writing tips PDF for 2024


But if you're OK with Indeed sending the employer the basic Indeed resume, then by all means, do it! 

But if you want the employer to see your actual, professionally designed resume, just don't make an Indeed resume.


Are Indeed Resumes Good? Indeed Resumes vs. your PDF

The Indeed resume is basic for a reason - it's designed to be easily parsed on the site by their ATS.

The bad part is that your resume will look like that of every other job applicant who's also using an Indeed resume. 

So if you use an Indeed resume, your content better be on point if you want to stand out.

While it's an easy option, you risk not being noticed, and not making a unique or great first impression, which is the main purpose of using a professionally designed resume template. 

And we all know how important that first impression is when you're applying to jobs with a lot of competition. 

You can do much better choosing a one column, ATS friendly resume template that still looks like you put some major effort in, like this:


One column ATS friendly resume template


It will easily pass through the ATS, and still give that key first impression that you're a serious job applicant and great choice for the job. 


Why are Indeed Resumes Recommended?

The Indeed resume is recommended because it is designed to be easily parsed on their site by their applicant tracking system, and makes it easier to apply to many jobs at once. 

Great for Indeed, but not great for you, who's trying to stand out from your competition. :)

Knowing how essential making a great first impression is, my professional opinion is that you should apply to all jobs with the PDF version of your own, unique resume, no matter what job site it is. 

The choice is yours, but now you are informed enough to make that decision.

Happy job hunting, and fingers crossed you get landed!

- Liisa