My goal was to become a resume writer.  I LOVE all things resume, and it seemed like the most logical career choice.  But ya know what?  I love designing more.  I love helping thousands of people with affordable templates and quick tips and tricks, rather than just 1-2 a week as a resume writer (if I could even handle that many)!  =D
So if your resume needs some extra help, here are a few of my favorite resume writers!
Resume writers on Etsy:
Natalie over at CareerPathWriter
Christie at SuccessPress
Sara at GetYourBestResume
Other sites:
Blue Sky Resumes
Emily over at Cultivitae
Elevated Resumes
Jena Viviano
Michele Lando at WriteStylesOnline
Riklan Resources
And of course, you can always look locally for a resume writer in your area. 
Just make sure to:
- Google them (many are on Yelp) in search of positive reviews.  
- Ask for a sample of their writing, if they don't have any on their website.



If you want to dive deeper into resumes and your career, here are a few of my favorite books on the topic!


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