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I am not currently taking any resume writing clients, BUT..

I recommend & trust any of the resume writers & coaches below:


Distinctive Career Services by Michelle Dumas is one of the best out there. Her blog is extremely helpful too.

Michelle also has Executive Resume Writing Services here.

Let's Eat, Grandma is your modern resume writing solution. They also have an excellent blog and Podcast!

Natalie at CareerPathWriter can be found on Etsy

Christie at SuccessPress can also be found on Etsy

Noelle Gross @ NGCareerStrategy
Senior level resumes: 

Distinctive Executive Resume Writing Services

Need a career coach?
Try Jenn at Flourish Careers

A few tips:

 - Resume writers don't use the prettiest resume designs, I know, you don't have to tell me. :) Once your content is completed by a resume writer, I can always help you choose a one column resume template to fit your new and improved resume content into.

 - LinkedIn is another great place to search for a quality resume writer.

 - Stay away from most of the big "resume writing" companies on page 1 of a Google search - they got there by having great SEO and cheap prices, not necessarily great services, and I can't even tell you how many customers have come to me with bad experiences!
- On that same note, don't go for a writer on Fiverr who doesn't live in the country you're seeking employment in and turns a resume around in 24 hours for $20. You get what you pay for :)
- Don't expect to hand your old resume off to a writer and without you having to do any work. A good resume writer works with you, since ONLY YOU have all the information in your brain about what you've accomplished in the past - you can't just shoot off an old resume and expect the writer to create magic without your help.
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