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Article: Travel Nurse Resume Examples

Travel Nurse Resume Examples

Travel Nurse Resume Samples to help you write your resume

Below I'm including some travel nurse resume examples that I've used as a resume writer, including effective resume summary statements and objectives, along with achievement-based bullets for your work experience section. 

Take a look for some inspiration, and feel free to copy, paste and edit into your own resume to fit your needs!


Travel Nurse Resume Summary Examples:

Here are a few travel nurse objective and professional profile statements with an emphasis on achievements to set you apart from the other candidates:

  • Compassionate and highly skilled travel nurse with 5+ years of experience in various healthcare settings. Demonstrated expertise in providing exceptional patient care, managing complex cases, and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams. Proven ability to adapt quickly to new environments and deliver high-quality nursing services. Dedicated to delivering compassionate and patient-centered care while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.
  • Dedicated Travel Nurse with a Proven Track Record: Seeking a travel nursing position where my dynamic clinical expertise and demonstrated ability to improve patient outcomes can contribute to the success of healthcare facilities. Proven success in reducing readmission rates by 11% and implementing efficient patient care strategies resulting in a 22% improvement in satisfaction scores.
  • Results-Driven Travel Nurse Seeking Challenging Assignments: Results-oriented Travel Nurse with a passion for delivering high-quality patient care. Adept at adapting to diverse healthcare environments and recognized for achieving a 25% decrease in hospital-acquired infections through the implementation of rigorous infection control measures. Eager to bring my skills and commitment to excellence to a new healthcare setting.
  • Experienced Travel Nurse with a Focus on Compliance: Accomplished Travel Nurse with a strong foundation in healthcare regulations and standards. Proven ability to maintain a 100% compliance rate during surprise audits, ensuring adherence to the highest industry standards. Seeking a challenging travel nursing position where my expertise in regulatory compliance and commitment to quality care can make a significant impact.
  • Highly Adaptable Travel Nurse with Interdisciplinary Skills: Seasoned Travel Nurse known for seamlessly transitioning between healthcare settings and fostering positive relationships with interdisciplinary teams. Recognized for reducing response time to critical patient situations by 30% through effective communication strategies. Seeking a travel nursing opportunity to leverage my adaptability and collaborative skills in diverse clinical environments.
  • Compassionate Travel Nurse with a Focus on Patient Education: Compassionate and patient-centric Travel Nurse with a track record of achieving a 15% improvement in patient satisfaction scores. Skilled in providing comprehensive patient education, resulting in a 10% increase in patient outcomes and recovery rates. Eager to contribute my expertise and passion for education to a new travel nursing assignment.
  • Self-motivated, resourceful, and dedicated RN with over 6 years of critical care experience and 3 years of travel nursing experience. Extensive experience in management of a variety of patient acuities, including the most critically ill. Discharge times average <20 minutes with pain reassessments consistently >90%. Excel at improving patient satisfaction and reducing patient readmission rates.
  • Passionate, dedicated, and motivated nursing professional with a strong background working in various fastpaced clinical environments. Possess years of successful experience communicating effectively with nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals while ensuring the quality and continuity of care for diverse patient populations. Consistently recognized for outstanding contributions towards healthcare objectives. Commended for organization, efficiency, and priority management skills. Familiar with many modern computer applications.

Highlighting YOUR unique strengths and accomplishments, even including numbers when possible, will make your summary and your resume stand out to potential employers.

Just take a look at the image below and see how your eyes jump right to the numbers in the Summary. Now imagine you're in charge of going through dozens of resumes - which will you be excited to read and spend more time on? This one, or one with nothing but text? 


travel nurse resume examples



Use Achievement-Based Bullets to Showcase Your Accomplishments

When writing your travel nurse resume, it's important to go beyond listing your job responsibilities, since most travel nurses have the same duties. Hiring managers are interested in seeing your accomplishments and the impact you made in your previous roles - aka what makes you different.

Use achievement-based bullets to highlight your specific achievements and quantify your contributions to make an even better first impression with your resume.


Travel Nurse Achievement-Based Bullets for Your Resume or CV:

  • Implemented evidence-based practice guidelines, resulting in a 20% reduction in patient falls and a 15% decrease in hospital-acquired infections.
  • Unfailingly provided emergency medical care to 20+ patients in critical condition per shift in a 25-bed Hospital Trauma Center.
  • Delivered exceptional patient care to diverse populations, maintaining a 95% patient satisfaction rate.
  • Established and maintained positive relationships with patients and families, contributing to a 15% increase in patient satisfaction scores.
  • Implemented personalized care plans, resulting in a 20% improvement in patient satisfaction scores during a 6-month assignment.
  • Maintained a 100% compliance rate during surprise audits, showcasing commitment to healthcare regulations and standards.
  • Responded to critical situations promptly, reducing emergency response time by 20%.
  • Collaborated with interdisciplinary teams to develop and implement comprehensive care plans, resulting in a 15% decrease in patient readmissions.
  • Collaborated with interdisciplinary teams to enhance communication processes, reducing response time to critical patient situations by 30%.
  • Spearheaded post-discharge follow-up initiatives, contributing to a 15% reduction in patient readmission rates across various healthcare facilities.
  • Led a team of nurses in providing high-quality care, resulting in a 10% improvement in patient outcomes.
  • Maintained accurate and detailed patient records, ensuring compliance with 100% of documentation requirements.
  • Optimized resource utilization by implementing cost-saving measures, resulting in a 20% reduction in supply expenses.
  • Received team recognition for outstanding contributions during a hospital accreditation process, contributing to the facility's attainment of full accreditation status.
  • Implemented evidence-based practices to enhance patient safety, contributing to a 30% decrease in medication errors.
  • Led training sessions on infection control measures, achieving a 25% decrease in hospital-acquired infections within assigned units.
  • Successfully cross-trained in multiple Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, ensuring seamless transitions between healthcare facilities and improving documentation accuracy by 15%.
  • Provided comprehensive education to patients and their families, resulting in a 40% increase in patient compliance with treatment plans.
  • Implemented evidence-based practices in wound care, resulting in a 20% faster average wound healing time among patients.
  • Effectively communicated with diverse populations, ensuring culturally sensitive care and improving patient satisfaction by 25%.
  • Complied with rigorous standards of service (>90% compliance rate on average) delivering exceptional service to patients, physicians, guests, coworkers, and others.
  • Continuously pursued professional development opportunities, completing 50+ hours of continuing education courses annually.
  • Demonstrated flexibility and resilience in managing critical and high-stress situations, maintaining composure and delivering exceptional patient care during emergencies.


In Demand Travel Nurse Resume Skills 

  • Improving Patient Satisfaction
  • Rapid Response Expertise
  • Patient Care Excellence
  • Reducing Readmission Rates
  • Streamlined Communication
  • Team Collaboration
  • Infection Control 
  • Cross-Training and Adaptability
  • Accomplished Regulatory Compliance
  • Efficient Documentation
  • Efficient Wound Care Management
  • Patient Education
  • Positive Patient Relationships
  • Team Recognition during Accreditation
  • Resource Management
  • Quality Improvement
  • High-Stress Situational Excellence
  • Multicultural Competence


More Tips for Creating an Impressive Travel Nurse Resume:

1. Tailor your resume to the specific job: Customize your resume for each travel nursing position you apply for. Highlight the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the job description.

2. Include relevant certifications and licenses: List any certifications and licenses that are required or preferred for the travel nursing position.

3. Use action verbs: Begin each bullet point with a strong action verb to describe your accomplishments and responsibilities.

4. Quantify your achievements: Whenever possible, use numbers, percentages, or facts to quantify your achievements and demonstrate the impact you made.

5. Proofread and edit: Ensure that your resume is free from grammatical errors and typos. Ask a trusted friend or colleague to review your resume for feedback.

6. Make sure your design and formatting is on point: Don't be sloppy with the design of your resume! Pay attention to the details, make sure your formatting is on point and consistent throughout (fonts, bullets, colors, spacing, etc.). 

If you purchase a nursing resume template from me, you can email me ANY TIME, even years from your purchase date at and I will clean up your formatting for you to ensure it's absolutely perfect before you start applying to jobs :)

- Liisa