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(During a time in your life that can be stressful, disappointing, and frustrating).

If you've been applying for jobs for a while now with no results,
your resume probably needs a makeover.

Because according to the National Resume Writers' Association, about
80% of candidates prepare their resumes incorrectly.

With experience screening resumes and as a resume writer, I obsess over resume content
and strive to create the best (and most importantly, current) tips 
to ensure your content stands out as much as your design.

My expertise is creating designs that are visually appealing and stand out while still being professional.  This is a serious job you're going for - and as much as you love the color purple, you have to hold back when it comes to your resume.  =)

Last but not least, providing incredible customer service is my #1 goal.  
I have a passion for helping others succeed and I am lucky enough to receive messages like this on a daily basis:

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I helped my family build a business from the ground up by being THE go-to "computer person."  I had to teach myself everything necessary to make this happen: create websites, design advertisements, and create professional business documents including invoices, business cards, and a hundred other types of documents you need to run a business.

This is why I excel in creating resume templates that are professional - I have been creating documents with an emphasis on "professional" the majority of my life.

I also had to help out in other ways, including posting job openings and screening candidates.  I've seen a ton of hideous, terrible resumes, and saw that with just a few tweaks, many of those resumes could have gone from the trash bin to the "YES" pile.

Some changes at work had me contemplating a new job.  I decided to revamp my resume, which was 10 years old and hideous. 

I read a TON of articles and researched everything related to resumes.  I also joined the National Resume Writers' Association to improve my own resume-writing skills.

I then headed over to Etsy and purchased a resume template that I fell in love with. Once I opened it, I was immediately disappointed.  I knew that I could have created one much better myself.

I realized that there was so much potential to help people like me, nervous about looking for a new job and unsure of how good their resume content was.  I knew I had the perfect combination of design and writing skills to open my own shop and make the job search less stressful for my customers.

I began working (and continue to work) like crazy to produce exactly what I was hoping to find when I was looking for a resume template package: a unique yet professional design, tips inside each template, and an extra resume writing guide for those who need extra help.  The most bang for your buck.

When you buy from Get Landed, you're getting a professionally designed resume, extensive instructions, and thoughtful tips all produced by me.  Not some cheaply hired designer or someone overseas trying to make a quick buck with a crappy design.

I take great pride in my designs, my shop, my advice, and my services.
 If you need help, email the shop and I am the one who responds: I'm on call 24/7, whether I'm home, on vacation, or out to dinner.  I do have to sleep, though.  =)

Happy job hunting!

- Liisa