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Get Landed: Resume Tips & Career Tricks

KNOWLEDGE IS EVERYTHING when it comes to beating the competition in the hunt for your next job.

Throughout my experience, I've been baffled by the SILLY little tricks that can cost you the job - and prevent your resume from even being seen in the first place. 

For example: not filling out every single field with text on an online application, or uploading your resume in the wrong format, or not including a location. 

It seems like the whole purpose of the online application process is to DISQUALIFY candidates more than anything.  Ugh.

It's not fair that good candidates are dismissed over tiny, stupid details.  That's why I'm determined to share everything I've learned along the way to help give you the best possible chance of creating an amazing resume AND making sure it actually gets seen - by human eyes!  

Let's get started - and if you want all of these blog posts and tips in one file (plus much more), my 50+ page "Guide to Landing the Job" comes free with every resume template purchase and is SO WORTH IT.