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Become an Affiliate!

Join our free Affiliate Program, share your referral link, make extra money.

Have you heard of the term "passive income?"  

Well this is it, folks!

So many of you have been so kind in sharing my site with your friends in the past, and in this current situation we're in I know a lot of you could use some extra cash. 

That's why I came up with an Affiliate Program, where you earn 33% of each purchase you refer using your special link.

And it's truly passive income.  You don't have to deal with any customers - you send them to me to make a purchase, I do the work, and you get paid.  

Are you already convinced?  Sign up here.

Here are the main details:

  • You get 33% of the total purchase for each paid order you refer.  
  • Site cookies are 90 days - so if someone clicks your referral link, and doesn't make a purchase until 89 days later, you STILL get credit.
  • You get paid what you earned every week via PayPal, regardless of the amount you accrued, big or small.
  • To make it super easy, you can use images to promote the products on your blog, social media, email lists, etc. and if you need any additional images shoot me an email. You just cannot pretend to BE Get Landed (more Terms and Conditions are listed below).
  • You can create your own referral links to specific pages or products on the site.  So if you have personal experience with a particular product, you can link to that one, OR to all products, or to the homepage.

Here are some ways you can use referral links:

  • If you have a blog, share your experience with Get Landed.  Did my resume templates or advice land you a job?  Or help make the process easier? 
  • Or, just put a banner inside a few related blog posts, on the sidebar, or wherever you want!  Just be sure it links back here using your referral link.  EASY PEASY.
  • Don't have a blog?  Share your referral link on social media, email your friends and family or your professional network. Get your super nice friends or family to post on social media with your link to expand your reach.
  • But remember - it pays to be open, honest, and relatable about your experience with Get Landed or our resume templates.  Spamming won't get you anywhere!
  • Just be sure to check each platform's (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) Terms of Service about Affiliate Links to ensure you're following their rules.

Here is a quick summary of the Program Terms and Conditions:

(You will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to sign up and will be able to read it in its entirety on the signup page).

  • Search Campaigns - Direct Linking (Are publishers allowed to link directly to my web site from search marketing campaigns):
    • NO
  • Search Campaigns - Special Instructions for Search Marketing Customers (These are any additional instructions or limitations for search marketing including rules for broad, exact, phrase or negative matching.)
    • Affiliate shall not promote or market offers via paid search without prior written approval of
  • Web Site - Prohibited Web Site Domain Keywords (Keywords that publishers are prohibited from using in the top-level domain of their web site): 
    • Publishers may not register or purchase domain names including, Get Landed, GetLanded, Landed Design Solutions, or any misspellings or variations. Publishers promoting GetLanded in this manner will immediately be removed from the Affiliate Program and all associated transactions will be reversed.
  • Web Site - Prohibited Web Site Content (Keywords or types of content that publishers are prohibited from using in the web site content or meta data):
    • Publishers may not promote on website that contains any form of misleading, defamatory, obscene, adult, bigoted, illegal, software, spiderweb marketing or any other content deemed offensive by will not accept applications that include non-working website, blogs without content, or parked domains.
  • Non-Commissionable Items (Products or services that will not qualify for publisher commissions):
    • Self-placed orders are not eligible for commission.  Placing orders through your own affiliate link will result in commission reversal and/or removal from the program.
  • Coupons and Promotional Codes (Can publishers use coupons and promotional codes?): 
    • Publishers may only use coupons and promotional codes that are provided exclusively through the affiliate program.
  • Sub-Affiliates (Are publishers allowed to distribute their links to other affiliates in their own network?): 
    • NO

Any unethical behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate closure of your account.

It's a simple, straightforward program, with awesome benefits, at no cost to you.  

Sign up to become a Get Landed Affiliate here.

Still have questions?  Shoot me an email!

Can't wait to see what you do with this!  Best of luck =)
- Liisa